Michelle came to me with a shoulder injury, Overweight and with a high body fat percentage. Michelle’s main goal was to lose body fat whilst gaining mobility back in her shoulder. During our 12 week’s training Michelle under took an intense training program that saw her go from 65% body fat to 35% in less than 5 weeks. Whilst gaining better movement and flexibility in her shoulder

"The service and training Michael provides is first rate and tailored to my personnel needs and abilities. I train with Michael on a regular basis to help achieve my goals, twice attending his facilities and two days workout at home. He has given me Professional guidance and workouts to follow at home as part of my plan and is always happy to answer any questions I have and offer support when needed.


Training with Michael has been a Great Benefit, not only to my health and weight loss but also my confidence. My level of general Fitness was the first thing I had noticed an improvement on and working well from there to toning. After just 5 weeks into my plan the hard work was beginning to show.

Michael is supportive, Patient, very approachable and professional and clear in his Knowledge and skills. I can honestly say choosing to train with Michael is one of the best decisions and life changes I have made."